Cool Tips From Kiwi Cousins

Paul Higginbotham Visits Earbus New Zealand.

Paul Higginbotham Visits Earbus New Zealand.

Earbus Foundation staff’s recent visit to New Zealand produced some great insights and ideas from how the original Earbus works and treats ear disease in young children. EFWA CEO, Paul Higginbotham and Lara Shur, Director Clinical Services, visited programs in Auckland, Waitakere and Kaikhoe to see the Kiwi Earbus in action and compare notes on operational matters.

New Zealand was the originator of the model that inspired ENT specialist Professor Harvey Coates to source funding and support for the Australian Earbus from Variety WA in 2005.

“It was a really valuable insight into how the District Health Boards deal with their high rates of middle-ear disease in iwi (indigenous) populations,” said Mr Higginbotham. “The Kiwi buses are fitted out differently and provide different services from their Australian cousins so we came away with some interesting new ideas and perspectives.”

EFWA sees the NZ visit as a valuable benchmarking exercise and a building block for continuous improvement in local service excellence.