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18 Barrett Street
Wembley 6014

(08) 9380 6821

The Earbus Foundation is a WA-based Children's charity that works to reduce the incidence of middle ear disease in Aboriginal and at-risk children in our state. The Foundation brings together experts from Education, Health, Culture and Communities

Fast & Furious in Kalgoorlie


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Fast & Furious in Kalgoorlie

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia

Earbus Foundation of WA and Bega Garnbirringu Aboriginal Medical Service in Kalgoorlie have started their ear health partnership rolling in fast and furious fashion. At the recent March visit ENT Dr Hannah North ran a busy ear clinic with 60 Bega clients listed for specialist appointments. At the same time EFWA screeners began identification testing at three Kalgoorlie primary schools seeing hundreds of children for whom schools had obtained consent. Each school also received a GP and ENT visit on site to triage and diagnose children needing further referral. The Bega Garnbirringu mobile GP clinic bus was deployed across the different schools to provide a safe and professional testing environment and EFWA audiologists were available to do on-the-spot diagnostic work. Clinical staff had same day access to the Bega dispensary so that Aboriginal children requiring medication were supplied quickly and the medication was dispensed back through the schools for tracking and administration. A great start to our Goldfields working partnership.

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia
Building E, 18 Barrett Street
Wembley, Western Australia 6014