Diagnostic Audiology Services Underway


Earbus Foundation of WA has commenced offering diagnostic audiology services for families whose new babies have not passed the newborn screening offered in hospitals shortly after birth. Parents currently have a number of choices to access diagnostic services and EFWA is adding to parental choice in order to make sure babies are assessed as quickly as possible. The waiting time can be the most stressful period for parents of a newborn child and making sure there are lots of accessible options is one way of reducing parental anxiety. 

Earbus Foundation is not charging families any out-of-pocket expenses for the testing so that cost is not a barrier to families getting a timely service. We are offering diagnostic audiology from our Cottesloe premises but will soon be adding a second, more central location as an alternative site. Our experienced paediatric audiologists – Roberta Marino and Lara Shur – are providing the diagnostic testing.