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18 Barrett Street
Wembley 6014

(08) 9380 6821

The Earbus Foundation is a WA-based Children's charity that works to reduce the incidence of middle ear disease in Aboriginal and at-risk children in our state. The Foundation brings together experts from Education, Health, Culture and Communities


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Meeting of the Minds...

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia

 2015 Clinical Roundtable meeting

2015 Clinical Roundtable meeting

Earbus Foundation holds an Annual Clinical Roundtable which brings together our doctors, nurse practitioners, audiologists, ENTs and nurses to review the Earbus Program in detail. Last year’s Roundtable workshopped a suite of Key Performance Areas to focus on outcomes and program validation. Those KPIs now form the basis of our program quality assurance and internal accountability processes.

This year’s Clinical Roundtable, scheduled for Saturday 29th October, will look at surgery procedures undertaken and outcomes from the 16 Surgery Lists held so far at Hedland and Kalgoorlie Health Campuses and Esperance Hospital. Surgery attendance rates for Aboriginal children are currently at 95% in the Pilbara (12 surgery lists), 92% in the Goldfields (3 lists) and 100% in Esperance (1 list).

The Clinical Roundtable is an important continuous improvement strategy that shares knowledge and experience across all the professional disciplines involved in the Earbus Program.  In 2016 the Clinical Team members included 8 ENT Surgeons, 6 Audiologists, 6 GP/NPs and 4 Nurses.

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia
Building E, 18 Barrett Street
Wembley, Western Australia 6014