Neilson Foundation Grant Rounds Off Great Year

Neilson Foundation logo

The Neilson Foundation has donated $100,000 to support the work of Earbus Foundation – the equal highest grant we have ever received and a fabulous finish to 2017. We would especially like to thank Beau and Kerr Neilson for their interest in our work in remote and regional Aboriginal communities and acknowledge this outstanding generosity. Even more remarkable is the fact that this donation was unsolicited and the result of an approach by the Nielson family.

The Neilson Foundation is also a generous supporter of Starlight Children’s Foundation who partner the Earbus Clinical team on 12 regional and remote trips each year. Starlight Captains have become an integral part of our operations and in early 2017 we will celebrate and showcase our partnership on film. This will include a launch event for the DVD for Earbus and Starlight staff and supporters, funded through the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

Neilson Foundation funding encourages Earbus-Starlight to leverage our capacities and energy.