Earbus on Show Across the World

Earbus Foundation of WA is presenting at three important ear health conferences over the next two months starting with the prestigious International Audiology Conference in Vancouver in September. Director, Clinical Services, Lara Shur and CEO Paul Higginbotham will be presenting Earbus Key Performance Indicators in Canada; Earbus KPIs were developed and shaped by our 2015 Clinical Roundtable which brought together Earbus clinicians - ENTs, Audiologists, Doctors, Nurses and Nurse Practitioners all of whom have been on regional Earbus Foundation Clinical Trips.

Earbus Foundation has also developed an innovative methodology around classifying individual sites as “hot spots” for ear disease and our patron Professor Harvey Coates will be presenting the clinical parameters of this proposed new system at OMOZ in September. OMOZ is being held in Newcastle from September 13 to 15.

In October Earbus Foundation will present the Earbus Treatment Model by invitation at the Coalition for Global Hearing Health’s conference at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines.