Earbus Welcomes Kimberley Team

EDITED - Kimberley Earbus19 Cable Beach.jpeg

Earbus Foundation of WA has been funded through Royalties for Regions to expand the Earbus Program into the Kimberley region of WA in partnership with WA Country Health Services. The WA State Government pledged the expansion as part of its pre-election commitments prior to the 2016 state election.

Since October last year multilateral discussions and workshops have been running through the region to make sure Earbus services align with and support existing ear health services provided by WACHS and Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services.

Starting in July, Earbus Foundation now has a Kununurra-based screening team working across the nominated sites with support from a Perth-based clinical team providing treatment once a month. Earbus Foundation welcomes Grahame Gould, Alessandra Melis and Breanna Roberts to their new, important roles in the Kimberley region. The Kimberley Earbus Team is based at KGT at 5 Kentia Way Kununurra (T: 08 9168 2683 or E: kimberley@earbus.org) and has already commenced school visits in Kununurra and Wyndham.