Earbus in Contention


Earbus Foundation of WA is a finalist in two major giving circle awards in coming weeks, each worth $100,000 in grant support. Fremantle Foundation 100 will be decided Thursday 7th November and Impact 100WA awarded Tuesday 22nd October. Both grants are linked to extension of Earbus services to the metropolitan area, starting 2020. 

The giving circle concept inspires 100 donors to each contribute $1,000 annually and then pool contributions to make high impact grants to local charities and projects. According to Impact 100WA, it’s a modern take on philanthropy - 100% transparent and 0% admin costs. The final decision on which charity to fund rests with giving circle members themselves.

Earbus Foundation is extremely grateful and honoured to make the finals of both awards in the same year although the two grants are for different parts of the metropolitan region. In both regions we hope to reach 2000 Aboriginal children with hearing tests, screening, GP visits and ENT as needed.