New Born Hearing Screening

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Why does my baby need a hearing screen?

Some babies are unable to hear all the sounds needed to develop speech and language.

About the Newborn Hearing Screening Program

The program is part of the National Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening Framework administered by the Child and Adolescent Health Service, delivered by Earbus Foundation of Western Australia.  The Program aims to screen all babies to identify a Permanent Childhood Hearing Impairment (PCHI).  About 2 babies per 1000 born, are born with a PCHI which can be in one or both ears.  By detecting PCHI early, children and families have a better quality of life through early treatment.

How is the test done?

Three stickers are placed on your baby (neck, shoulder and forehead), with small headphones on both ears.  Your baby will then hear soft sounds.

Your baby can remain asleep.
Screening is quick and simple (around 15 minutes).
You receive the results immediately.

When can the test be done?

Your baby can be tested 6 hours after being born, however may be tested any time after 6 hours of birth up to 3 months of age. 

How can I arrange for my baby to have a hearing screen?

To arrange a hearing screen with Earbus Foundation of WA is simple.  Just call the number detailed below and arrange an appointment at a convenient time.

Where will the appointment take place?

Earbus Foundation of WA offers appointments 5 days per week from 8.00am to 4.00pm at the Wembley Office which provides easy access and parking for carers.  The contact details are:

Building E
18 Barrett Street

Mobile:  0457 443 042