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18 Barrett Street
Wembley 6014

(08) 9380 6821

The Earbus Foundation is a WA-based Children's charity that works to reduce the incidence of middle ear disease in Aboriginal and at-risk children in our state. The Foundation brings together experts from Education, Health, Culture and Communities

Ear Health Ambassadors Project


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Ear Health Ambassadors Project

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia

Ear Health Ambassadors Project

Our new Ear Health Ambassadors program is getting underway in the Goldfields and Pilbara, with an Enrolled Nurse joining the Earbus Clinical Team. The nurse will educate, train and support Aboriginal adolescents to develop robust knowledge, skills and expertise and play a meaningful role in their own communities in improving ear health. 

Together with each community we identify and develop young Ear Health Ambassadors who help raise awareness of the insidious nature and impact of middle-ear disease on life opportunities of Aboriginal children.

Ear Health Ambassadors will acquire skills and knowledge to become local advocates for some of the important self-care treatments that are essential in the successful management of middle-ear disease. By giving Ear Health Ambassadors practical and theoretical expertise that is essential in the treatment and management of middle-ear disease, we hope this project will build community capacity and empowerment to break the intergenerational cycle of middle-ear disease in Aboriginal communities.

This project is proudly supported by funding from nib foundation.

Earbus Foundation of Western Australia
Building E, 18 Barrett Street
Wembley, Western Australia 6014